A WORLD of approachable, ready-to-drink
    WINES hand-crafted with pride from the
        highest quality grapevines.

Atlas Wines is a Napa, CA-based producer of world-class wines. Our portfolio has grown to contain three unique brands: Agnitio, Oro Bello, and Omen. These premiere wines are crafted to be consistent, approachable and ready for immediate enjoyment.

As experts from vineyard to bottle, Atlas Wine Co. has an in-house team of professional winemakers, viticulturists and support staff. We make it a priority to provide consumers with a unique and engaging experience that consistently exceeds expectations.


Our Brands

This Is A Good Sign

We may not be able to tell you if a cat crossing your path is good luck or bad, but we can tell you one thing with certainty. We see great wine in your future!

Omen Wines are hand-crafted with care from high-quality fruit that have come from “hidden gem” AVA vineyards. This means we have no need to sweeten our wines, or add arabic gum (used to increase mouthfeel) or Velcorin (DMDC). Our desire is to bring excellent wines to anyone, regardless of age or income, who are eager to find an additive-free, crafted wine at an everyday price.

Elegance, finesse and power are three words that come to mind when tasting Oro Bello. Fruit aromas range from pineapple to kiwi with Meyer lemon notes. The mouthfeel is smooth yet fresh and balanced with well-integrated toasted oak.


Atlas Wine Co


Over 3000 Acres of grapes at our fingertips

Atlas Wines is owned and operated by Atlas Vineyard Management, a new-generation farming company with more than 100 years of combined expertise developing and farming world-class vineyards and providing high-quality grapes. With over 1900 acres of select vineyards to manage, our options for fruit are virtually limitless.

Alex Remy - Winemaker

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